• Rotating toothpaste squeezers are suitable for squeezing toothpaste, cream tube, cleansing foam or other items packaged with aluminum or plastic tubes. They are reusable and virtually unbreakable. The toothpaste squeezers are designed with a rotate handle. Just insert your toothpaste into the rolling shaft, then rotate the handle, it will be convenient and easy to squeeze cream. Using toothpaste squeezers can help you save a lot of toothpaste or other items. It will reduce waste, protect the environment and it will also cultivate the saving consciousness of children.


  • These measuring spoons are suitable for dry and semi-liquid ingredients. They are made of high quality materials which are easy to clean and storage, and won't affect the flavors of ingredients. These measuring spoons will never get rust, melt, bend, warp or break as cheap utensils out there. You can use measuring spoons to DIY your favorite cakes, snacks, cookies, desserts, sauces and drinks. They are suitable for coffee, flour, grains, lentils, sugar, spices, honey, oils, liquids, etc.


  • These wall-mounted toilet brushes can be easily hung to the wall with non-marking stickers to save space and avoid being knocked over. The automatic opening and closing design makes it easy to take out or put in. The soft and durable bristles are suitable for scrubbing stubborn stains without scratching the toilet. The long brush handle means that the toilet brushes can reach and clean deeper places, even the place inside the groove. Together with a flexible brush head that can be bended easily, these toilet brushes can help you clean more thoroughly. These toilet brushes have custom bases that are well-ventilated. These bases will allow liquid to drain, prevent dirt growth and protect the bristles.


  • This suction cup hook can be reused many times without affecting the suction power. It can be used even in humid places. 360-degree rotating design makes it easy to rotate it when you install it at the wrong angle instead of reinstalling. This hook is easy to remove and reinstall to a new location for reuse. You can use a credit card to remove and clean the suction cup with warm water before reinstalling. It is suitable for smooth and flat surfaces and will not damage the wall, so it is suitable for people living in apartments or renting. You can install this suction cup hook anywhere in your home, such as bathroom, kitchen, living room to hang clothes, bags, garlands, bathrobes, towels, etc.


  • Flexible pan scrapers can easily clear leftover food from plates, pans, bowls, counters, sinks, etc. These kitchen cleaning scrapers are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, reusable, durable and non-stick. Unique shape includes curves, flat edges and pointy tips to clean everything from curved bowls to flat pans to tight grooves. Shoveling out the stains on the dishes with scrapers can reduce the amount of water needed for washing dishes. Sturdy grip and soft edge make it non slip even when wet and can thoroughly clean stains.


  • These strainer baskets can be used in or over sink or freestanding on a counter or table. They are suitable for washing fruits, vegetables, pasta, or dishes in the kitchen. The strainer baskets are suitable for filtering, cleaning and rinsing. The hollow design can drain water quickly and prevent bacterial growth. These strainer baskets are retractable and adjustable, you can hang them on the wall or store in any kitchen drawer, cabinet or drying tray.