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Baseball hat organizer


Our baseball hat organizer for the wall is designed to showcase your hats. When your hats are hanging, baseball hat organizers are mostly hidden from view and the support area is curved surface design which can increase bearing area for hats, prevent your hats from deforming due to hanging. Others hooks use a single point area designed to hold your hats, put too much weight on the support point, warping hats. Using our baseball hat organizer can showcase your hats in your own style. It is suited for all kinds of hats: baseball cap, beret, sun hat, panama, snap back, etc. It also can be used for headphone hangers, sunglasses, headbands, scarves and other household items. Wall hat rack is made of high quality PP/ABS material, uses strong adhesive. No nails or drilling are required. that holds up to 3 pounds. Unclutter your room within minutes with our easy-to-install hat organizer.