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Fridge Hanging Drawer organizer

Fridge Hanging Storage Rack: This hanging storage rack includes 5 parts, retractable frame, drawer fixing frame, drawer storage box, stainless steel spring and compartmentalized bag clips. The slide assemblies were incredibly strong and smooth, and it can easily attach to the bottom of your fridge shelf and lock it. This product is more robust and durable than others self-adhesive hanging storage rack.

Easy to Install and Use: Smooth glide track design make sure the drawer opens and closes easily and it can hold the food bags firmly to make them non-slip and not easy to fall off. You can easily thumb through them to find what you want.

Space Saver: The hanging refrigerator rack can effectively utilize the upper gap of the refrigerator to save space and keep food fresher longer. This can avoid wasting a lot of food, especially meats and fruits.

Applicable Size: It can be installed in the refrigerator, or on the cabinet or shelf with suitable accessories. The length of the slide rail can be applied to a refrigerator shelf of 30-40 cm.