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Common Garden Tools

1. Gardening Secateurs is a garden tool with the highest usage rate.
Gardening pruning tools have a maximum cutable diameter, such as 2 cm or 3 cm. You can choose one that is suitable for your own use and is relatively strong. Small garden shears generally have a spring so that the shears will automatically open after the cut is completed.
2. Pruning saw has many sizes, straight and curved, and thin or thick tooth saw. This gardening hand saw is suitable for pruning smaller or larger branches.
There are different ways of pruning thicker branches. It should be sawed three times with three cuts, so that the saw surface is smooth, and it will not fall off halfway, causing the branches to be too large.
3. Hedge Shear has a long and straight blade, and some have wavy edges, which look like giant scissors. Hedge shears are suitable for pruning small green fences with fine branches.
Perennial herbs of the Liliaceae family can be used with hedge shears. You only need to cut the perennial plant back to its base, or cut out the soft dead stem tissue, this big scissors is perfect.
4. Grass Shear has short handles and long handles. The advantage of the long handle is that there is no need to bend over. The short handle is good for bending the edge of the lawn.
5. The long-handled pruning shears have a retractable long stick. There are two tools on the top, one is a saw and the other is a small cutting pliers. The blade of the pliers is pulled by the rope below to remove branches with a maximum diameter of about 2 cm. If you exceed the cuttable diameter, you can only use a saw.
6. QuikDrill, you can easily drill holes in the ground with this soil drill, and you can drill beautiful smooth edges.

7. Hand Cultivator is designed for weeding and loosening the soil surface and sowing after loosening the soil.