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  • Our kitchen cord organizer is made of high-quality rubber, durable and not easily deformed. The glue on the bottom is a high-quality glue selected for many tests, and it is not easy to fall.​ Our kitchen cord organizer is suitable for more than 80% of household appliances, and can be applied to various kitchen equipment, such as stand mixer, coffee machines, air fryers, electric kettle, toaster, pressure cooker, juicer.​ This is a small kitchen cord organizer designed to solve the messy troubles of household wires. It allows you to easily wrap the wire with one hand.​ All your kitchen equipment wires will be in order.​ The wires of household appliances are placed randomly for a long time, and the wires are easy to be damaged or trip over the elderly or children. Show your gratitude and love by giving this kitchen cord organizer to your mother, girlfriend, wife, or anyone who needs to cook in the kitchen frequently!


  • Our baseball hat organizer for wall is designed to showcase your hats. When your hats are hanging, baseball hat organizer are mostly hidden from view and support area is curved surface design which can increase bearing area for hats, prevent your hats from deforming due to hanging. Others hooks use single point area designed to hold your hats, put too much weight on a the support point, warping hats.Used our baseball hat organizer can showcase your hats with your own style. it suited for all kinds of hat: baseball cap, beret, sun hat, panama, snap back, ect. It also can be used for headphone hanger, sun glass, headbands, scarf and other house hold items.Wall hat rack is made of high quality PP/ABS material, uses strong adhesive, No nails or drilling are required. that holds up to 3 pounds. Unclutter your room within minutes with our easy-to-install hat organizer.


  • Our appliance cord winder is made of high-quality TPR,safe and durable. There is a nano transparent tape on the back, which can be pasted after tearing it off. It will not cause any damage to the surface of the electrical appliance when it is removed, and the removed organizer can be recycled with tape attached.Putting this organizer on your appliances will greatly reduce the chances of electric shock or fire caused by electrical wires in your home. Organizing the wires can help you avoid problems such as touching water or fire. All appliances in the kitchen can be used. Suitable for blenders, rice cookers, kettles, coffee makers, bread machines, air fryers, ovens, juicers, washing machines, fans, dishwashers, garment steamers and so on.Our appliance cord winder fits most appliances. The bayonet can accommodate a maximum wire diameter of 8mm. It is not recommended to use wires with a diameter of less than 3mm, and it is not easy to fix.


  • While other kitchen faucet sink splash guards are made from hard-to-clean fabric that takes a lot of time to dry, our silicone faucet mat for sink is made from 100% silicone, soft and reliable, reusable and durable, won't scratch your utensils, totally safe to use. Our silicone faucet mat will catch the water and the water will drain to your sink, so don't worry about the wet fabric mat, or wash the mat and dry it. Give your kitchen sink an effort-saving upgrade! These nifty kitchen sink accessories fit snugly around your faucets to reduce splashes as you do the dishes. This means no puddles to clean up & no water spots by the faucet. Using these silicone faucet mats with their dark gray luxurious, timeless color and seamlessly blends into your home to create perfect sink accessories, adding a touch of luxury in your kitchen will give your house an amazing makeover and elevate your home decor.


  • The main material of this multi-functional manual meat mincer is plastic, the pull ring is made of ABS, the cup body is made of thickened PET, and the blade is made of stainless steel. This multi-functional manual meat mincer simple structure, compact and convenient, is easy to store. This versatile manual meat mincer is equipped with a silicone non-slip washer at the bottom. This manual meat mincer can not only chop fruits, vegetables and boneless meat, but also make salad, baby food and also has the function of juicing. This multi-functional manual meat mincer can be disassembled separately, easy to clean without a peculiar smell.


  • This pot lid storage rack is made of iron, which is rust-proof, harmless to the body and easy to clean. This pot lid storage rack is sturdy and durable. Multi-functional design, bracket can be placed POTS, lid, baking utensils, plates, cutting board, etc. The lid holder is adjustable. Due to the adjustable design, the lid holder can be placed in cabinets, countertops, shelves, sink bottoms and other environments. The pot lid storage rack has 6 compartments, which can be installed according to the size of the pot. This pot cover storage rack is easy to install, the package contains installation instructions, and open the package for about 5 minutes can be installed.