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  • This ashtray combines two functions in one, which can store lighters and cigarettes of various sizes, and can also be used as an ashtray. It can be placed on the wall or on the desktop. The dust-proof cover is installed for safety and fire prevention, and it can also prevent the soot from flying indiscriminately. The ashtray has 3 U-shaped cigarette butts, which are very suitable for placing cigarettes. It has a strong load-bearing capacity and is durable.


  • This hanging storage rack includes 5 parts, retractable frame, drawer fixing frame, drawer storage box, stainless steel spring and compartmentalized bag clips. The slide assemblies were incredibly strong and smooth, and it can easily attach to the bottom of your fridge shelf and lock it. This product is more robust and durable than others self-adhesive hanging storage rack.


  • This is all-in-one dish drying rack for drying kitchen utensils. It is made by PP and TPR and can be can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is simple to wipe clean and never rusts like the metal dish drying racks.


  • This steering wheel desk can help you solve the problems of work, entertainment and dining in the car. It is suitable for most vehicle steering wheels, and easy to install and keep clean. It is thin and light so that it hardly takes up space when it is not needed. If you do not need it, just store it in the back seat pocket.


  • This upgraded silicone utensil rest includes 1 spoon holder and 5 slots. It fits more utensils, spoons, ladles, skimmers, spatulas, tongs, whisks, forks, etc.. It will be more convenient for you to cook.


  • 2-This 2 tier tabletop lazy susan turntable will solve all your problems. This cabinet lazy susan will double the space used on the countertop. You can easily organize more bottles in the bathroom/refrigerator/kitchen/cabinet/countertop/cabinet. The stylish lazy susan makes the countertop, cabinet, closet and even your refrigerator more organized.