Home protective furniture anchor

Home protective furniture anchor

We know how curious children can be. When little ones climb on furniture, there is a potential for a tip-over incident. The good news is home protective furniture anchor can help to keep furniture secure in case your children pull out the dresser drawer to form a ladder and climb onto the dresser for fun. Even with up to 200 pounds of pressure, this anchor keeps furniture upright. Tall pieces of furniture like bookcases are easy to fall when the ground is rolling and shaking. You can prevent the furniture from falling on someone you care about by using these furniture wall anchors. The metal anchors work even in households without children - some data indicate that adults are also injured by furniture tip-overs.

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These home protective furniture anchor are made of high-quality material. We have furniture of different materials for you to choose from. A high resistance to corrosion means that it will never rust during whole life use. And it has a resistance to fire and heat. What’s more, the straps are more sturdy and durable than other plastic straps, which will provide a perfect effect on baby safety.

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poly bag+sticker





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stainless steel

Wire rope L20cm*DIA0.2cm

poly bag+ head card


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