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Ningbo Well.way import and export co., ltd is one of the famous China home grid pill box case manufacturers and Home Weekly Pill Case suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Home Pill case.

China Home pill case is a personal health care product that has emerged with the continuous improvement of people's health concepts and changes in lifestyle and pace of life. We have many Customized home weekly pill casesFashion home grid pill boxes and keychain pill cases for you to choose from.

These home pill cases are particularly suitable for short trips and can be easily put in purses or toiletry bags. They can be used to store small pills such as vitamins for a day or a week, which are dust-proof, moisture-proof, small in size and easy to carry. In addition, this kind of home pill case can also be used to store accessories, earrings, beads, nail art, clips, hooks, screws and other small items. The keychain pill box can be fixed on handbags, golf bags, belt loops, travel wallets, backpacks, which are suitable for fishing, camping, expedition, wild survival, etc.

We have been specializing in home pill cases for many years and have a wealth of home pill cases for your choice. Our products will make your life more convenient and comfortable.
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  • These home grid pill box cases are conveniently designed with multiple plastic compartments to help suit your needs, such as storing a few trinkets and jewelry. It can be easily put in your purse, suitcase, backpack, handbag, or your coat pocket, without taking up space, very convenient for a trip!

  • A home weekly pill case is a medicine holder for tablets or capsules. The tablet or capsule pills may be prescription medications or vitamins. Most pillboxes are rectangular in shape and made from plastic.

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