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Ningbo Well.way import and export co., ltd is one of the famous China home portable ashtray manufacturers and Home wall ashtray suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of home ashtrays

The home ashtray is a tool for holding cigarette ash and cigarette butts, with a variety of styles. According to the material, home ashtrays can be divided into crystal, glass, stainless steel, metal, plastic, silicone, jade, ceramic ashtrays and so on. Home shtrays have many shapes, such as round, rectangular, regular oblong, polygonal, and oval. Generally, there are some recessed small grooves around the mouth of the ashtrays for placing cigarettes. In addition to practical functions, the home ashtrays can also become a work of art.

The design of home ashtrays has become more diverse in recent years. Some are small and exquisite like a cigarette case, in addition to being exquisite like decorations at home, they can also be placed in pockets for easy carrying. We have many Customized home tabletop cigarette ashtrays, including ashtrays without and with lids, Newest home wall ashtrays, Durable home portable ashtrays, car ashtrays, etc. for you to choose from.

We have been specializing in home ashtrays for many years and have a wealth of home ashtrays for your choice. Our products will make your life more convenient and comfortable.
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  • home portable ashtray this super portable pocket ashtray key chain. This travel size ashtray clips right to your key chain, belt loop, pack, or purse for a neat and clean smoke break wherever you are. Pushing the release button on the top pops open the lid and flips out a cigarette holder. When you're finished smoking, just reseal the lid and carry it to a safer and proper waste bin. The metal body of this small ashtray is strong and very easy to clean.

  • We can provide all kinds of home ashtray, home wall cigar ashtray, home wall custom ashtray, home wall metal ashtray, home wall smokeless ashtray, home wall pink ashtray to meet your market needs. We devoted ourselves tohome wall ashtray decorative and wall stainless steel ashtray for many years, covering most of Europe, the Middle East and the American market. Please feel free to contact us. We have professional service and favorable prices for you.

  • we supply home tabletop cigarette ashtray of various materials, glass, plastic, jade or metal materials. And the ashtrays are suitable for various places, homes, hotels, cars, etc. In addition to its practical functions, home and travel ashtray is also a work of art with a certain artistic appreciation value.

Customized Home Ashtray is available in our factory. As one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we make fashion and newest Home Ashtray bulk orders in high quality for wholesalers. If you want to buy, contact us, we will provide latest selling and promotion catalogue.