Flyswatter Pest Catcher

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Flyswatter Pest Catcher.

Flyswatter pest catcher is a hand-held tool used to kill mosquitoes such as flies and cockroaches. There are ordinary fly swatters and electric shock fly swatters. The small holes in the flyswatter pest catchers ensure that the flies are caught. If there are no small holes, the flies will escape according to changes in air temperature, humidity and flow. 

Ordinary flyswatter pest catchers are generally made of plastic and can be divided into two parts, the head and the handle. Electric flyswatter pest catchers can be divided into three parts: electric shock net, handle, and rechargeable battery.Latest Selling Flyswatter pest catchers are small, light and easy to carry, and they are must-have items in parties, barbecues, camping and hiking trips.

We have been specializing in flyswatter pest catchers for many years and have a wealth of them for your choice. Our products will improve your life and make your life more comfortable and happier.
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  • This Home flyswatter pest catcher you can use it as a tool to protect kitchen and also a toy for activities.Just aim at the target and hit it. With holes for easy storage.If you are looking for a safe and effective solution to get rid of annoying insects that may disturb your sleep, it is exactly what you need! Simple and practical, our fly swatter is an amazing solution to maintain a pest-free home.

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