Cleaning Sponge Manufacturers

Cleaning sponge including cleaning soft sponge and so on. If you have marble, quartz, or granite in your kitchen, make sure you clean with only mild dish detergent and warm water; otherwise, you will break down the stone’s sealant over time. Clean your stainless steel sink by rubbing in baking soda with a sponge, then covering it with a little white vinegar. After the foam has dissipated, rinse clean and dry. Put two halves of a lemon down the garbage disposal and run the disposal to give your sink area a fresh, clean smell. (You can also use lemons to clean your cutting boards—simply squeeze and rub half a lemon on stubborn food stains and let it sit for a while before rinsing). Follow the manufacturer’s directions on any specialty kitchen cleaning products you buy, like oven cleaners and stainless steel cleaners.
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  • The Cleaning soft sponge was made of sponge and scouring pad. We specialize in sponge items many years, covering Europe and the Americas market. We are expecting to become your friendly partner in China.

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